Ben's Hat Tree awarded Design Guild Mark / by Ben Fowler

We're delighted to announce that Ben won over The Furniture Makers' Company expert judging panel to score a Design Guild Mark for his Hat Tree. The prestigious annual award merits excellence in design, and this year Ben's Hat Tree is one of 27 outstanding products to be recognised.

"It is lovely to be awarded a Design Guild Mark, especially for such a simple and fun product," says Ben. "I was particularly happy to be in the company of Simon Pengelly, Rod Wales, Georgia Scott and Ercol, all friends and great designers, so I am as chuffed as wee ponies!"

To a degree of risk, Ben made himself at home during the presentations by taking off his shoes to demonstrate the versatility of his design. Fortunately, he says, "the judging panel were great. They asked loads of acute questions and had a sense of humour, necessary for such a long day and making it an enjoyable presentation.

"It really is special to be awarded the Design Guild Mark," says Ben. "It gives confidence that one's work is of value."

It was also a pleasure to read in judge Malaika Byng's Wallpaper* write up of the awards, that the Hat Tree was deemed an "unexpected gem". "Ben Fowler instantly won us over with his 'Hat Tree' for Marque Furniture," writes Byng, "an ingeniously simple design".