Scott Workshops 2.0 / by Ben Fowler

The day after Boxing Day, all the machines were lifted from our Dickensian Portslade brewery building and dropped onto our new factory floor in Newhaven.

Fowler & Co 0545-1000-X.jpg

The factory was built in the early 1950s on what has become the main industrial estate in Newhaven. The prefabricated concrete post and beam with saw tooth roof is elegant, light and airy. We simply can’t wait to get in there, where we'll have a fork lift truck and space to make bigger, more interesting structures.

Rob, Pete, and Ted have been on site for two months working tirelessly to get the enormous roof weather tight and the insides painted. We have installed a huge wood stove to burn our waste and keep us toasty, and much time has been spent working out if it's possible to cook in it.

The efficiency gains of having more space and a single expanse of flat floor will be huge, not to mention the benefits of safer working. It’s a bit nerdy to get excited by a factory, I know, but I can't help it, it’s a lovely thing!

Click through the above gallery to see more of Leigh Simpson's superb photographs of the move,